Park Card Information

Who can get a Park Card?

Every family member, ages 2 and up, who resides year round in a residency within the Great Neck Park District is eligible for a Park Card.

The following villages are NOT in the Park District:

  • Great Neck Estates
  • Harbor Hills
  • Lake Success
  • Saddle Rock
  • University Gardens

If you are unsure whether you reside in the Park District contact us at 516-487-GNPD (4673).

Example park card

Every park card that looks like this expires on 12/31/2027

Key Fob Park Card Image

What do I need a Park Card for?

  • Entrance to selective parks (i.e. Steppingstone Park)
  • Pool Memberships
  • Discounted rates for Park District programs
  • To acquire tickets to certain special events

Obtaining a Park Card - New Applicants or change of address

There is no park card application form. Each Resident MUST come, in person, and provide the following documents.

  • Photo ID
  • Two pieces of official mail. See definition below
  • If you do not have official photo ID, your park pass will then be mailed to the address on file.

Children's Park Cards (under age 16)

A parent must have his/her own valid park card and provide a birth certificate for his/her child(ren).  A guardian must have his/her own valid park card and provide guardianship papers for his/her child(ren). NO PASSPORTS. CHILD MUST BE PRESENT TO GET A PARK CARD


Registration department staff can verify residency using public voter registration information. If your name appears, an official photo ID is also required.

  • If your name and correct address do not appear in these listings, an official photo ID and one piece of official mail are required.
  • If you do not have official photo ID, you MUST provide two pieces of official mail.  Your park card will then be mailed to the address on file.

Official ID Explained

Official identification (ID) consists of:

  • driver's license
  • non-driver's ID card issued through Department of Motor Vehicles
  • school ID
  • military ID
  • employment ID
  • credit card with picture
  • any other official ID that includes photo and name

Official Mail Explained

Official mail can be utility bills such as:

  • Cablevision
  • electric
  • gas
  • oil
  • telephone

Examples of non-utility official mail:

  • bank statement
  • cancelled rent check (with address imprinted), etc.
  • credit card statements
  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • doctor bill
  • income tax return
  • insurance bill
  • property tax bill

No personal (handwritten) or junk/mass mail will be accepted.

Lost Cards

There is a $5 fee for a lost park card.  If you move, you are considered a new applicant, even if you are still living in the Park District.




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