16U Playoffs 2024

2023-24 Bruins Coaching Staff


Head Coach: Andrea Coleman
Assistant Coach: Nick Aloisio

10U Gold

Head Coach: Andrea Coleman
Assistant Coach: Darren Luskoff

10U Black

Head Coach: Robert Campbell
Assistant Coach: Demetris Stavrinides


Head Coach: Billy Nevins
Assistant Coach: Aidan Tenn


Head Coach: Steve Cacchioli
Assistant Coach: Jason Panza


Head Coach: Joe Calandra
Assistant Coach: TBD


Head Coach: Danny Roberts
Assistant Coach: Mike Bergin
Assistant Coach: James Scaglione


Head Coach: Darren Luskoff
Assistant Coach: John Bowden

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Program Philosophy

The primary goal of our program is to help each player realize their full potential as hockey players, by fostering competitiveness and sportsmanship in an environment that promotes the fun of the game, so players have a great time while developing their skills. 
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We hope that ice hockey becomes a passion and a lifetime sport. There are many, many steps along the way to that end and one way we measure success is by taking the long view and seeing youngsters eagerly adopt hockey into their lives. 

That said; please understand that travel hockey is a competitive activity. The following is intended to help guide your expectations on specific aspects of the functioning of our program.
Our program consists of six teams ranging from Mite 8U to Midget 18U. Our coaching staff is dedicated, knowledgable and qualified. All coaches are required to attend annual coaching conferences to ensure our organization remains up to date. The sport is growing vastly across the world, including on Long Island.
The Bruins organization takes pride in our reputation for sportsmanship and respectable conduct. We abide by the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy for unsportsmanlike behavior that prohibits verbal abuse of players, spectators or officials during any USA Hockey covered function.