Program Details and Philosophy

Program Philosophy

The primary goal of our program is to help each player realize their full potential as hockey players, by fostering competitiveness and sportsmanship in an environment that promotes the fun of the game, so players have a great time while developing their skills. We hope that ice hockey becomes a passion and a lifetime sport. There are many, many steps along the way to that end and one way we measure success is by taking the long view and seeing youngsters eagerly adopt hockey into their lives.

That said; please understand that travel hockey is a competitive activity. The following is intended to help guide your expectations on specific aspects of the functioning of our program:

Player Positions

Player positions are based on demonstrated skill and ability levels. It is important for all players - particularly at younger ages - to get exposure to as many positions as possible. As coaches determine skills, abilities and situational needs, positions may be rotated. Specialization is an evolutionary process. Players and Parents should expect that all position assignments will be at the coach's discretion.

Game Ice Time

Unlike house leagues, ice time during games will vary based on performance and effort, game conditions and progress, as well as strategies determined by the coaches.

All players will play in each game; however, it is possible that some players play more or less than others.

Bantam and Midget

The teams at this level are operated akin to High School Junior Varsity and Varsity teams, with the objective to win games and qualify for playoffs and/or State Championship Tournaments. So, players on these teams are not guaranteed playing time in any given game(s).


Players are expected to attend all practice sessions. If a player cannot attend a practice he/she must notify their coach with the reason prior to practice. Only the coaches may excuse a player from practice. Any unexcused absence from practice will result in the players' benching during the next game.


Any player missing a game unexcused will sit out, on the bench, the next two games. It is important that both players and parents understand this Policy.


The Bruins organization takes pride in our reputation for sportsmanship and respectable conduct. We abide by the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy for unsportsmanlike behavior that prohibits verbal abuse of players, spectators or officials during any USA Hockey covered function.

League Participation

All teams will be playing in the Long Island Amateur Hockey League (LIAHL). The Midget teams will also compete in the Hudson Valley Youth Hockey League (HVL).