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We need you to help keep all of our beautiful parks safe and crime-free.

All information reported is confidential!
Call (516) 504-4673


To ensure safety in our neighborhood parks to improve our quality of life.




Watchful residents observe their neighborhood parks for situations that may require immediate attention from park security or law enforcement.


: If a crime or emergency is observed, dial 911 to contact law enforcement immediately.

Contact Park Security if you observe:
  • Noise complaints
  • Use of parks after hours
  • Public urination
  • Hazardous conditions (e.g. downed electrical wires, downed trees etc.)
  • Suspected use of drugs or alcohol
  • Vandalism
What needs to be reported:
  • Time of day or night that crime occurred
  • Name of park with exact location of the incident
  • Detailed description of the perpetrator for identification
  • The suspected violation or crime being committed
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