Camp Parkwood Staff & Training

We have been personally hiring and training the staff of Camp Parkwood since its inception. They started with just 12 staff members, but have grown the program and the number of people it employs to over 100 staff members. We are happy to say that many of our staff members are from Great Neck. It is our pleasure to not only provide a program for the families of Great Neck, but also employment for the members of the Great Neck community. 

Our supervisory staff has been largely groomed from inside the ranks of the Camp Parkwood family. On the pages to your left you will learn about our directors and supervisors, all of whom are certified and experienced educational professionals. And every one of our supervisors has a Masters Degree from Camp Parkwood Summer University! 

As we get closer to the summer we will update our pages with the group staff and specialty staff images.  

Best Regards, 


Director, Camp Parkwood