We follow NY State Covid-19 guidelines. Public Business Meetings are currently presented live online. Dates are announced by notification and email when they occur. You can sign up for our notification alerts here.

Great Neck Board of Commissioner Meetings held at the Administration Building , 5 Beach Road, Great Neck

 Upcoming Board of Commissioners Meetings:  

  • Work Sessions:   


  • Business Meetings

    Wednesday, May 25 , 8 p.m.  

Business Meetings only

5 Beach Road or on ZOOM

Zoom Meeting ID: 868 6506 4128

Meeting Password : 517751


Browser Link to Join:


To participate in the Zoom Board Meetings, all participants MUST use their FULL NAME when joining the meeting.

 Participants who do not use their full names will be dropped from the meeting.  

Great Neck Park District Proposed Budget 2021

DRAFT of  Master Plan November 2020