FAQs for 2022



• WE ARE BACK AT STEPPINGSTONE PARK! All campers will be dropped off and picked up there. 

Camp starts Monday, June 27, and ends Friday, August 29. 
• Dropoff is 8:30-50. Pickup is 4:00-30. 
• Groups will be capped according to NYS and Nassau County BOH guidelines. These guidelines have been changing throughout the spring.
• Groups will stay within smaller cohorts and will have as little contact with other groups as possible.
• Visitors and Tours: For the safety of our staff and campers, no visitors or tours will be allowed on campgrounds during the summer.
• Fewer activity periods with more time in between to allow staff and campers to sanitize. Please look to our activities page for more information about what we offer. 


• Campers are required to wear their Camp Parkwood t-shirts, along with comfortable shorts and sneakers. Camper shirts will be distributed during your child's first day of camp. 
• We encourage wearing a bathing suit to camp in order to limit the need for changing before a morning swim. 
• Bring a backpack filled with: a bathing suit, a ziplock bag for wet clothes, a change of clothes, suntan lotion, a mask, and a tennis racket (based on your group’s schedule). 
•ALL swimsuits must be taken home every day to be laundered.
• We will be providing two towels for morning swim instruction and afternoon free swim. 

• LABEL ALL of your child’s clothing, backpack, and other items. 


• Outside food service will be provided for an additional fee. Campers are always welcomed to bring their own lunch. Lunch registration is available online. 
• Limited busing during camp.  Busing will be used to transport campers to and from the Parkwood Pool Complex, as well as limited trips to sailing for older campers.  NO DOOR-TO-DOOR BUSING. 


• Campers and Staff will wear masks as per NYS guidelines, last updated June 7. Activities will be mostly outside and implement cohorts and social distancing to eliminate the need for masks. Indoor activities will do the same and not require mask-wearing, but we will encourage the wearing of masks during rare situations.
• Campers must wear masks when riding a shuttle bus, using a public restroom, and possibly when indoors during sudden storms.

• Offsite Trips: All trips offsite are canceled for Summer 2021. Updates may follow based on changing guidelines from NYS and the Nassau County BOH.