100 Trees for 100 Years

Sponsor a Tree: A Gift that Keeps on Growing

In celebration of the Great Neck Park District’s 100 year anniversary, the District planted one hundred trees for one hundred years. The planting originally kicked off in Steppingstone Park on October 30, 2016. One hundred trees have since been planted throughout the District. Currently, at least one new tree is growing in each Park District park.

We need you to root for our trees and support them! The Park District is offering residents an opportunity to sponsor a tree in in one of our parks. Trees make great gifts for honoring or memorializing friends and family members. Give a gift that will last a lifetime. Help make a difference in the conservation of our natural environment. Call (516) 482-0355 for more information on sponsorship.

A variety of different trees are available at our parks. 

Tree with plaque $1,000; Tree without plaque $750.
Click a link below to print our tree sponsorship forms.

See where our trees have been planted