Refund Policy

Refunds are only provided for serious illness or when the Park District cancels a program. When a refund is given, a processing fee of $50 will be deducted to cover administration and registration costs.  Additional refund fees may apply to cover program costs. Refund requests forms must be received prior to the start of the program to be considered by the Park District.  No refund fees will be applied when the Park District cancels a program. 

Refund Request

All refund request should be submitted via email to the specified program director for review.


The Great Neck Park District is continuing to adapt to the changes caused by COVID-19 and although we are excited and focused on bringing recreational programming back to our entire community we are still addressing the impact of the current pandemic. Our goal is for each and every experience you have with the Park District to be a positive one and we have designed a refund process that is simple and straight forward for our program participants. Refunds will be provided for all winter programs which were not completed and all spring programs which have been cancelled due to COVID-19. There is nothing that is required of you as a registered program participant in order to receive your program refund. If you paid for your program by credit or debit card your card will be credited back the funds. If you paid by cash or check the Park District will mail you a refund check directly. There is NO processing fee for refunds provided. We hope to complete all refunds by May 15th and each person will receive an email confirmation indicating the amount refunded for the programs that were cancelled. You may also access your Park District account to see all transactions and history for your account. Please note that it may take up to five days for your credit card to reflect the credit and that a mailed check my take up to ten days to receive. Please note that refunds are not being processed for the following programs at this time and an update will follow the first week of June as to the status of these programs:

1) Winter Tennis Programs & Court Rentals: Update to follow the first week of June as the Park District is determining if the remaining classes missed can be made up prior to the summer season. Also, priority consideration may be given when tennis courts reopen. If we are unable to offer these programs or if you are not able to make up the class as rescheduled we will issue a refund in June.

2) Annual Commuter Parking Ticket: Update to follow the first week of June regarding any prorating of annual parking permits.

3) Ice Rink Programs: All ice rink programs have been refunded with the exception of the following which will remain on your individual accounts for future use and will never expire. These are remaining private lessons, semi-private lessons, freestyle and public skating 10- and 20- packs. Whatever number of these you had remaining are tied to your Park District account and can be used anytime in the future. All seasonal passes have been refunded at the prorated amount.

4) Summer Programs & Camp Parkwood: Update to follow the first week of June as the Park District is planning to hold summer programming at this time.

If modifications are made to previously planned programs that are not satisfactory to you, you may be issued a refund at that time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach us at and you will be directed to the program supervisor of the class in question.

Jason R. Marra, CPRP