Farmers Market

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Firefighters Park
       Sunday, September 19 through the end of October
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Delicious organic produce and more, live music and lawn games.

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Millstone Farms    - Produce
Weed Farms - Produce
Birch Den Candles - Crafts
Manny’s Bloody Mary - Artisan Product
Angela’s handmade quilt shop - Crafts
Bareburger - Great Neck
Fossil farms meats - Meats
Sag harbor honey - Artisan Product
Hormans Best Pickles - Artisan Product
Six Harbors Brewing - Beer
Mushrooms NYC - Produce
Gorilla Coffee - Artisan Product
Porchside Bakery - Bakery
Raspberry Ridge Farm - Produce                                                                                                                                  The Cheese Guy - Dairy Naveens Micro Greens Produce
Mojos Bites - Cooked Food
Pia’s Italy - Artisan Product
Dawkin Doodle - Crafts
Yennicot Oyster co. - Meats
Bambino Ravioli - Artisan Product
KK The Farm - Produce
Halesite Habanero - Artisan Product
K-9 Brothers - Artisan Product
Imperial Empanadas - Cooked Food
Sea Cliff Hemp Company - Artisan Product
Jens Kitchen - Bakery
Knot of this World Pretzels - Artisan Product
Dobler Farm - Produce


Mushrooms NYC

Organic mushrooms are the best alternative to healthy organic meat – especially the varieties we grow which are rich in complete proteins and B vitamins. They are packed with other essential vitamins, compounds and minerals that support healthy individuals. Mushrooms are full of unique flavors and textures, are easy and quick to prepare. We took on this farm as we saw it’s amazing potential as a great asset for the city, for food security and for general health. We are family owned and run by a collective of long time friends who came together through their passion in urban farming and sustainability.


KK The Farm

KK’s The Farm is a fantastic, family-owned organic and biodynamic farm that pickles, sauces, and jars their produce to ensure that they taste farm-fresh beyond the summer picks of heirloom plants, flowers, and produce. The farm is owned by Ira Haspel who has planted over two thousand tomato plants including twenty-five different species in the greenhouses and fields at the biodynamic farm.

kk the farm

Sag Harbor Honey

At Sag Harbor Honey we are more than beekeepers, and what we do, is about more than honey. We are passionate about honeybees and creating a habitat in which they can thrive.
What once started as humble beginnings on a balcony in Queens, has now become 15 acres on the east end of Long Island. We know that without the bees we would not have a healthy environment or a vibrant community.

sah harbor honey

Montauk Pearl Oysters

What happens when a fisherman and a marine biologist come together with one shared bivalve vision? The Montauk Pearl is one of our all-time favorite oysters, with impeccably polished shells and pure, briny flavors that capture the heart of the ocean. They hail from the easternmost reaches of Long Island, and the proximity to the Atlantic gives them plenty of briny liquor, which hugs a dense, rounded meat. The end result is oysters that are beautiful inside and out, a true “kiss from the sea.”

Montauk Pearl Oysters

Yennicott Oysters

Yennicott Oysters was founder in 2013 by a 10th generation Long Island family with a kinship to the sea. Keeping the traditional alive we sustainably farm in Shelter Island Sound & Peconic Bay.
Each year we source seed oysters measuring 2-4mm from reputable hatcheries. At our nursery we diligently care for them as they grow in our aquaculture system. Once they get to optimal size + shell development we relay them to the oyster grounds. For the next year they feed on the nutrients of the fresh seawater, capturing the essence of the region.

Yennicott Oysters

Halesite Habanero

Halesite Habanero began as a homemade hot sauce in Rob & Laura's Halesite, NY kitchen circa 2010. Rob put a lot of love into those batches, and so they originally called it "Rob-aneros", after the chef. It quickly became a hit with friends & family and empty bottles were constantly returned with requests for more. A decade of Rob's perfectionism and Laura's clean eating standards later, and Halesite Habanero was ready for the shelf!
The food quality standards that are upheld in their home are the foundation of the sauce. Rob & Laura are determined to keep the recipe as close to nature & perfection as humanly possible.
Only 8 simple, healthful ingredients that create a hearty garlic-lime-habanero flavor balanced with the pepper’s natural heat.

Halesite Habanero

Millstone Farms

Millstone Farm is a private, family-owned farm focused on regenerative farming, educational opportunities and innovative technologies that improve the health of our community, our animals and our land.

By engaging in community supported agriculture and building collaborative partnerships with local restaurants and markets, Millstone Farm works to nourish the relationships that support our community in Wilton, Connecticut.

Millstone Farms

Weed Farm

Only one mile from downtown New Canaan, Weed Farm is a privately owned botanical garden and plant grower, sitting on over 30 wooded acres. In addition to supplying specimen shrubs, ornamental trees, and perennials for area landscape projects, we also provide farm-to-table organic vegetables, mushrooms, honey, fruit and micro-greens.

weed farm

Copps Island Oysters

We are a family of oystermen since the 1940s and operate one of the last standing traditional oyster farms in the United States. Norm Bloom and Son is a fourth generation family-owned farm that provides a high quality, consistent and sustainable product to our customers nationwide. With a fleet of fifteen boats and a dedicated crew, we harvest year round from the deep, cold, and nutrient-rich waters along the coast of Connecticut. Oystering is our passion and we take pride in what we do!

Fisher Island Oysters