When can I have a birthday party?

We operate early September to early June.
We have time slots in the Playscape allotted to birthday parties which are as follows:
Monday - Friday
Saturday & Sunday
*Birthday parties are available during the day on school holidays & breaks. Contact us for times & days that are not listed.

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1. When can I have a birthday party?
2. What is the base price?
3. What do I get for $400?
4. How many children does a basic package include?
5. Are parents of birthday guests allowed?
6. Can we bring entertainment?
7. Can we bring our own decorations?
8. Do you provide balloons?
9. Do you provide the cake?
10. Can we have a party longer than 90 minutes?
11. Can we bring our own food?
12. Do you provide goody bags?
13. Is alcohol permitted?