What were the criteria for identifying potential locations?

Open areas that would be least impactful to other recreation amenities and park users.   Potential sites were reviewed with our dog park consultant who developed a standard form entitled, "Criteria for Potential Dog Park Sites".  It has 15 "features" to evaluate a given site.  Generally, topics include size, convenient location, proximity to residences, proximity to other park venues/facilities, parking availability, proximity to a water line (for the fountain), terrain/site lines (for monitoring dogs), ADA accessibility, existing trees for shade, ease of maintenance access, ease of periodic supervision, environmental concerns, and "other concerns".  

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1. What locations within Allenwood Park were considered for the dog park?
2. What were the criteria for identifying potential locations?
3. Where will the pilot dog parks be located?
4. How long is the pilot program set to last?
5. How will success of the pilot program be measured?
6. Who will collect data to measure success?
7. What is the size of the Dog Park?
8. Will access to the dog park be limited to Park District residents?
9. How will access restrictions be enforced?
10. Will the permitting process that applies to the existing dog park be applied to this one?
11. Will vaccinations be required (as they are under the current permitting process for the existing dog park)?
12. How will vaccine updates be monitored?
13. Has a study been conducted to assess whether any additional parking will be needed?
14. If additional parking is needed, what provisions have been made for such parking?
15. What hours will the dog park be open?
16. How will the hours be enforced?
17. Will the dog park be locked at all other times?
18. Who will enforce the hours / lock the dog park when it is supposed to be closed?
19. What is the plan for maintaining the dog park, including keeping it clean at all times?
20. Will there be double gates to prevent dogs from escaping while other dogs are entering the dog park?
21. Will there be more than one entrance / exist to prevent crowding of dogs and owners near a single gate?
22. Will there be separate sections of the dog park -- and/or separate hours -- for large dogs vs. small dogs?
23. Has an environmental impact study been conducted?
24. If not, when will one be conducted?
25. What provisions are being made for appropriate drainage?
26. Was a licensed architect / engineer / designed employed?
27. What materials are being used for the construction of the dog park?
28. Is a design for the dog park available for viewing?
29. Will there be any built-in play equipment or other features for the dogs to enjoy?
30. Will there be limits on the number of dogs/people who can use the dog park at any given time?
31. Will there be time limits?
32. Will rules for use of the dog park regarding the above and/or any other matters be drafted and posted?
33. Will there be any rules designed to minimize noise / mitigate noise concerns?
34. Will extra staff be added to Allenwood Park to enforce dog park rules and monitor access and safety?