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Playground & Amenities Details:

The facility is open to our Great Neck Park District residents who have valid park cards. Children (recommended for ages 2 through 7) will love the Playscape, at Steppingstone Park. Hours can be spent with the many attractions this indoor playground has to offer. The space incorporates 3 different rooms including a LEGO room and an imaginative play space. One room is equipped with LEGO walls and LEGO tables to sit at, another room with a play diner and supermarket, where you will find a shopping cart, play food and many other imaginative ways to explore. There is a space with magnetic puzzle tables and a reading corner for children to enjoy.
Residents must present a park card to be admitted into the park (2 guests welcome per park card). Reservations are required (or take your chances and come down for first-come, first-served) because there is a limit to how many children can play at a time. An adult must be present as there are no drop-offs permitted.
Call for more information 516-487-GNPD or to reserve an open play slot.

Facility History

It was renovated in early 2015 and provides our families a place to bring the kids for some indoor play.

Birthday Parties

Host your child’s next birthday with us! Our all-inclusive packages feature 90 minutes, 2 friendly hosts, different themes, 3 pizza pies (non-kosher or kosher option available) , 3 2-liter beverage options, medium sheet Carvel ice cream cake + 15 guests to invite! Let us cater to you. Choose your theme and we’ll do the rest!



*Birthday Parties have priority and are permitted full use of the private rooms & Playscape!
These parties are usually booked during the following time slots:

*Please note that when there is no birthday party schedule, there is open play available!

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